Since 1977, Mike Robinson has provided focused counsel to assist Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and their clients with their litigation needs. He's litigated against some of the largest law firms in Texas, and obtained jury verdicts in excess of $2 Million.

In addition to his litigation service, Mr. Robinson can assist you with personal injury suits, legal malpractice issues, creditor’s work in bankruptcy, and as a broker representative in front of the Texas Real Estate Commission and Texas Association of Realtors. As an independent small firm, The ROBINSON Law Firm is a strong partner on your side, offering reasonable fees and unimpeded accessibility.

Mr. Robinson is also available for speaking engagements to broker and real estate groups. He would be happy to speak to your office or group about current industry trends in real estate, changing precedents and legislation.

If you are interested in learning more about what The ROBINSON Law Firm can do for you, contact us at (972) 918-0007 or email us at

Areas of Practice:
• Personal injury suits (Free first visit consultation) • Closing Problems
• Legal Malpractice Issues • Judgment Liens
• Creditor’s work in Bankruptcy • Foreclosures
• Contracts • Title Problems
• Deceptive Trade Practice Litigation • Business Disputes
• Probate Matters • Partnership Disputes
• Consumer Litigation • Contracts for Deed
• Condemnation or Reverse Condemnation