Client Testimonials:

"I can highly recommend Michael Robinson, Robinson Law Firm, as the best litigator I have seen or used. Having handed many difficult cases for my company, he never stopped fighting to win. His expertise won many challenging cases and generated large settlements for my company."

- Marilyn Hoffman, Hoffman International Properties, Inc.


"Michael Robinson has represented our real estate company for over 10 years. As a real estate investor, protecting myself and company as well as obtaining our rights from tenants is a priority. He has dealt with complex contracts and law suits on our behalf, and we have to say that he is the lawyer you need for all you real estate legal work. Michael uses many methods to provide his clients with the settlement they need.He is knowledgeable about the current laws, and is able to stay ahead of the opposing parties at all times. Michael is very responsive, professional, and to the point. He will not waste your time. If you are looking for a strong lawyer to protect you in your real estate/business investing, call Michael."

- Imad Inc.


"Mr. Robinson's legal expertise is first rate and his knowledge of the commercial and business laws helped us launch our business despite the many headwinds and obstacles that we faced with. If you are looking for a good no nonsense and knowledgeable lawyer, then Mr. Robinson is your legal advisor that you should consider."

- Shasta Enterprises, LLC.


"Mike Robinson represented me in a real estate contract dispute. I had originally hired another attorney, but she was not through and the strategy she was deploying was flawed and would not deliver the intended result. So, I asked my realtor for a recommendation and she suggested Mike Robinson. She was impressed with his performance as he represented a client in a lawsuit against her.

I knew within the first 20 minutes of our consultation that I would hire Mike to represent me. Besides asking the right questions he immediately asked for specific paperwork that the initial attorney did not request. Mike proposed options and shared what he thought would be possible outcomes of each. I trusted Mike and approved of his suggestion on a wining approach. In the end, with a bit of maneuvering, a settlement was reached that reflected the exact outcome I was hoping for. I would hire Mike again and recommend him to others."

- Jackie Jeanpierre


"Mike represented us in what turned out to be a very complex lawsuit against our builder for fraud in constructing our residence. The builder had hidden the true facts and costs from us. He pulled every trick in the book to cover up what he had done. Mike took apart his scam step by step, corporation by corporation. We went through litigation, arbitration and then back to litigation again. The end result of a judgment fraud was not dischargeable when the defendant attempted to avoid it via bankruptcy.

Mike was thorough and relentless. His discovery and preparation were excellent. I speak with some knowledge being as I was a trial lawyer many years ago.

We rate Mike as excellent. He is trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and kept us informed. We give him our unqualified recommendation."

- Sonny and Dana Margolis


"Having worked with Michael for over 30 years, he is my go to litigation/business attorney. His presence and aptitude in the court room, depositions and negotiations has an intimidating effect on the other parties, which tips the scale in his favor. Constantly staying on top of the latest law and court rulings has him 10 steps ahead of the opposing parties."

- Sean P. Bushe, La Jolla Capital


"Michael Robinson has represented myself and my companies for over 30 years. We have litigated matters regarding construction projects, bank loans, partnership disputes, and many other matters. As a result we have prevailed in every major case that he has handled obtaining settlements and or verdicts in my behalf of millions of dollars. He is always professional, keeps me informed and advised, and performs his duties on a par and in competition with the best attorney's in Dallas. This is an attorney you can trust without question to do what he is hired to do."

- James Burkhart, Melrose Construction, Inc.


"Mike Robinson represented our Property Holding company in a multi-faceted fraud case against an investor and another of her victims. While two other attorneys were unable to make any headway on this case over two years, Mike was able to dissect the case and hold the defendant’s and her attorneys’ feet to the fire. During deposition, Mike was able to force the defendant to admit to diversion of funds to her attorneys. The result was what the District Court Judge called “the absolute best outcome possible”. Mike is our go-to lawyer. "

- Jim Hoofnagle, Reunion Group, LLC


"In December 0f 2014 I was served with a level 3 discovery lawsuit which sought a Temporary Restraining Order, Temporary Injunction, Permanent Injunction and 1 million dollars in damages against my insurance agency. In that law suit the Plaintiffs were seeking to prohibit my company from competing in the insurance industry. The law suit accused me of doing things I positively did not do. We had very little money to defend ourselves. We met with Mr. Robinson and he decided to take on our case on a partial contingency basis so we could afford his representation. Mr. Robinson started to pick apart the Plaintiffs' case piece by piece until they had nothing to stand on. Ultimately, Mr. Robinson filed a Motion For Summary Judgment that completely destroyed the Plaintiff's case. The Judge dismissed all of the Plaintiffs claims. At which point this case settled very quickly. We can not disclose how much the case settled for, but we were very pleased with the outcome. Mr. Robinson is very smart and ethical attorney. He takes the time to listen and understand your side of the case. Mr. Robinson will never be intimidated by the size of the opposing counsel's law firm or who is involved in the case. He was relentless in pursuing the legal remedies available to us to resolve this case. Mr. Robinson was very respectful to the Plaintiffs' attorneys but did not allow them to affect his seeking sanctions and holding the opponents to the rules of law in discovery and other aspects of our case. Mr. Robinson did not allow the opponents' or their attorney's actions to affect his focus.

Mr. Robinson is a professional! I highly recommend Michael Robinson and The Robinson Law Firm to anyone who might be in need of an attorney. "

- Merrell Shannon Davey, Merrell Insurance Group, Inc.


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